Housing Support



Residential program

We provide emergency accommodation for up to 45 youth each night. Our Residential Program ensures the basic physical needs of residents are met by providing each youth with a warm and safe bed, three meals and two snacks per day, clothing and personal hygiene products. Residents are also provided with telephone, Internet, computer and television access.

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housing support

Young people residing at Horizons for Youth have the opportunity to regularly meet with a Housing Worker. The Housing Worker connects clients with resources such as financial assistance and housing listings, and assists them in making phone calls to landlords and attending apartment viewings. Some of the more favourable outcomes of the Housing Program include family reunification or long-term stable housing.


ready, set, home

In Ready, Set, Home, our Housing Worker provides residents with workshops that inform them of their housing options, as well as provide them with the skills and awareness required to transition out of the shelter system. Landlord and tenant rights, the process of securing housing, effective budgeting skills and other pertinent topics are covered over the course of the month. The direction of each workshop is tailored to the specific concerns and interests of the clients in attendance so that they may address their individual concerns.