Horizons for Youth is presently raising funds and in-kind donations to support our annual trip to Algonquin Park, weekly Yoga Program, and our weekly Thai Cardio classes. We are also collecting in-kind donations for our Shorts, Shoes & Sweats Campaign.


shorts, shoes & sweats

July 28-August 24

Horizons for Youth encourages our youth to participate in regular physical activity and practice a healthy lifestyle. An active lifestyle improves mental health, enhances quality of life, and prevents disease. Our youth, however, lack proper exercise shoes and clothing, particularly exercise shorts and sweat pants, to participate in sports and go to the gym. We are therefore asking community members to donate new or gently used running shoes, sweat pants, and exercise shorts to Horizons for Youth. Donors will have the chance to enter into a raffle to win gift certificates to some of your favourite sports stores! Help us encourage our youth to practice a healthy lifestyle!

Public Drop-off Locations:

  • Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre - 720 Spadina Ave. (Spadina & Bloor)
  • High Park Running Room - 2100 Bloor St. W (Runnymede & Bloor)


This campaign is supported by Roots Canada, Bench Eaton Centre, and The North Face Yorkdale. are very grateful to these contributors for helping make the campaign a success. 


algonquin park

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Horizons for Youth is raising funds for two trips to Algonquin Park in September 2017. These trips help satisfy our youth’s need for physical activity, creative expression and true participation in a community environment. Horizons for Youth needs to raise $10,000 for the trip. The Algonquin Trip is not covered by our operating budget. Money raised would directly cover the cost of the canoe and equipment rentals, the park entry fee, and the cost of the park guides. In other words: directly to the youth.

Camping allows youth to experience a serenity that they never find in the bustle of their daily lives, and a privacy that eludes them in the shelter system, where they share rooms with 3 other residents. Rarely is there silence and tranquillity in the shelter system, and there is never peace like one finds sitting around a campfire or canoeing across a lake. 

Youth on this trip will engage in portaging - a team-oriented activity. For at-risk and homeless youth, who are often mistrusting, the need to work together for success can be enlightening.

Each trip requires two Algonquin Park guides to accompany the group, which presents our youth with the opportunity to develop a positive relationship with a caring and knowledgeable adult. The residents of our shelter often have toxic relationships with adults due to family breakdown, trouble at school and other factors. The Algonquin trip shows these youth that adults can and will help without judgement.

To donate online to this program, please click the link below and specify "Algonquin Trip" in your donation. If you choose to send a cheque to Horizons for Youth, please put "Algonquin Trip" on the Memo line.


healthy bodies, healthy minds

yoga program.JPG

Horizons for Youth provides weekly yoga and boot camp classes to our residents, which help our youth manage stress and encourages them to practice an active lifestyle.  

The Horizons for Youth Yoga Therapy Program was designed to maximize social inclusion of an underserved and marginalized population and promote healthy living and positive life skills in a safe, non-judgemental environment. The program runs weekly at Horizons for Youth, with multiple sessions available for youth to attend with a certified yoga instructor. The small class size ensures that the unique challenges facing at-risk youth (poor health, injury, mental health issues, etc.) can be addressed by the instructor, maximizing the therapeutic value of the session. The program helps youth relax, manage stress, and achieve peace of the body and mind.

Youth testimonials about the Yoga program:

“Yoga allows me to challenge myself and grow as a person. The instructors are very good at what they do. I really like it.”

“Yoga helps put me in a better mood. It helps me release my stress and stretch out the tightness in my muscles”

Boot camp is a great weekly cardio work-out, which helps our residents practice an active lifestyle and helps them relieve stress. These interactive classes also foster supportive relationships among participants and encourage team-building. In a recent survey we conducted with our youth, they said the top skills they have learned from Boot Camp are: Motivation, Teamwork, Fitness, Communication, Team-Building, and Leadership.

Youth testimonials about the Boot Camp program:

 “I really like and enjoy the workout activities that our team was doing, which keeps me feeling mentally and physically active. Furthermore the coach teaches us so much, including the basics, which helps my body feel good and healthy.”

“I love the teamwork involved in the exercises...The coach is very awesome and friendly.”

The Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds programs cost $10,000 annually to run.

To donate online to these programs, please click the link below and specify "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds" in your donation. If you choose to send a cheque to Horizons for Youth, please put "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds" on the Memo line.